Friday, April 25, 2008


We knew when we brought this guy into our home we were doomed. His real name is Snuggles, but he's ANYTHING but snuggly. He snuggles on HIS terms, the rest of the time he's our little mischief maker. If he decides it is time to snuggle, no matter how many times you put him down on the floor he will be right back pestering you. I can't begin to tell you how many times he would push our big black lab off her bed so he could take it over.

I have walked into a room and found him sitting on objects that were clearly not his domain. It's like he knows how to get under my skin and prove to me that "HE" rules this house. With the dog gone, the mischievious boy has taken full advantage of all the attention that comes his way. So perhaps SOME of his mischievious nature comes from being...spoiled? NAH!!!

This past winter we heated the house with a woodstove for the first time. All winter long we feared he was going to cook his brains from the inside out as his permanent residence was behind or under the woodstove. We had several months of not having to deal with a naughty cat and wondering what he's chosen to use as a "bed".

Now that we've had the nice warm spring air coming in, he begs for the windows to be opened AND He's up to his tricks again...

Turn my back long enough to gather the ingredients and look who has made a new home...Now if I could just teach him how to run the mixer and bake, we'd be golden!

NOTE: While I was putting this post together there were several (unsuccessful) attempts to evict me from the chair. He's sitting in the window sulking as I type.
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