Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sandy Beach Breezes Seashell Soaps

There is this place that I like to go to. A place where I can be alone in the bright sunlight. A place where I can sit and listen to the waves of water crashing a long the shore. The Smell of salt consumes me as the water splashes along the sandy shores. This place is a wonderful luxurious place called the beach.

The nice weather this past weekend has made me a bit stir crazy, anxious for summer to arrive. I've been itching for months to make these soaps, the molds sitting in the soap room waiting for the iron to strike...and today was THE day it happened.

And they are already listed in our online shop!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun In The Snow But Looking Forward to Spring

I'm not a huge fan of the cold or the snow that goes with it...give me the sand, beach and hot sun! But here's a face that sure does enjoy the snow! Christina is inching right up on 2 years of age, and it is a constant on, coat on and then it is boots off, coat off (by herself, of course) as she tools around the house begging to go outside. She knows exactly what to do when the sled is put on the she goes and waits to be pulled around. Baby sister is almost 6 months old and hasn't been introduced to snow angels or sleds just yet.

Christina's favorite Aunty taught her how to make snow angels as she tested out the new snow suit that was given to her for Christmas. And not a moment too soon, we finally had enough snow for her to get out and enjoy.

The only snow I enjoy are days when a call comes in the wee hours that we have no school due to inclement weather. This Grammy gets all giddy with excitement and the creative soap making juices flow. Several new batches of spring soap are currently on the curing rack, and will make a debut in our online store later this month.