Friday, April 4, 2008

Recent Etsy Buys

First on the list ~~~ Veggie Folk - Carrot~~~ Purchased from Gobbledygook Creature Decor. The entire purchasing experience has been pleasurable. You really must read the product description on their store. Package was addressed "The Wonderful..." Anyone that calls me wonderful on a package is all right in my book! The picture on their website does not show the full character and charisma this carrot has to offer.

Next on the list ~~~ Car and road set~~~ Purchased from GREEN MOUNTAIN WEE WOOLIES. An outstanding gift to present my cousin and his wife on the birth of their first child! No worries about lead and garbage...just pure 100% natural products handcrafted right here in our wonderful state of Vermont and by one of my fellow MIVEST members! Can't WAIT for this one to arrive so I can paw all over it before sending it along to the recipient.
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