Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Inspiration Behind Spotted Cow Soaps

When I first started making soap, I came up with the name "Whee 3 Kuntry Girls". It had significance to me, but too much time was spent explaining every piece of my business name and its significance to others when they asked about it. When we moved to Vermont 5 years ago, I pretty much had to start my business from square one again. I did all right, but nothing spectacular to speak of. It was a roller coaster ride and eventually I shut down the business and kept things rolling as a hobbyist.

We live in a State where Dairy farming is widespread. I grew up with my grandfather being a very successful farmer and in the 1960's he received numerous awards and recognition for his farming achievements. Cows and farming seemed to have escaped a couple generations until we moved to Vermont. Our youngest daughter was bit by the Cow and Farming bug... as you can see, she is very much into Dairy Cows and 4-H.

The question came up if I could make a Cow Soap. I was up for the challenge and the Cow Soap was born. It was about the same time that I found Etsy, and after several weeks of brainstorming, my daughter suggested a business name that seemed to "stick"...Spotted Cow Soaps.

Thank You Anne-Marie from Brambleberry for posting such a sweet write up about our cow soap on your Blog.
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