Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Calf Twins!

Ashley's Tech Project for RTCC was working with calves. Even though she's had a lot of experience showing heifer's at fairs and 4-H events, working with newborn calves was something she had never done before. She witnessed calves being born, and has had to get the calves up and attempt to feed them shortly after birth. This project helped her not only complete her program studies requirement, but it has also fulfilled part of a dream she has had to work with animals. The twin calves she brought to Open House tonight are less than a week old.
Above, Ashley is letting one of the twins suckle on her fingers until the fresh bottles of warm milk arrive from the farm. There was a growing crowd of interested people watching as she explained her project to them.

Above, the second calf isn't as interested in Ashley's fingers and is content to lay on the ground.

Isn't she cute? Look at the heart like patch of white on her head.
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