Sunday, April 20, 2008

Flowers Showing Their Faces

Friday when I came home from work it was simply gorgeous outside. The snow piles quickly disappearing except for what was at the front of the house. Gazing down at the pile of snow that stood 2 1/2 feet high at the front of the flower bed, and nearly 4 feet high closer to the house, I feared my early spring flowers would die before the snow melted. I quickly took a shovel and started digging out my flowers. They knew it was time to come up, but the snow melt wasn't cooperating. If I hadn't uncovered them I'm afraid they would have withered with rot and we wouldn't have seen them this year. Amazingly, I awakened this morning to find the flowers poking purple at me. Just a glimpse. This afternoon they are in full bloom.

As for the remaining snow piled up closer to the house...we can only hope it melts before too much longer. I'm not shoveling any more! With the warmer air the past couple days it has gone down substantially, so there is hope! The snow closest to the house was just under the brackets for the plant holders that are attached to the house on Friday you can see, this afternoon the pile has been greatly reduced in size.
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