Sunday, April 28, 2013

National Blueberry Pie Day

Blueberry Themed Soaps
I can remember going blueberry picking with family and friends. I still say they needed to weigh everyone going in and out, because the blueberries became a meal as we were picking. LOL Who couldn't resist those round, plump, delicious berries? Afterwards we would dine on fresh blueberries and make some awesome blueberry pies before freezing the rest for "later". I can remember one time my BFF didn't have enough blueberries left to make a full pie, so she combined peaches to make up the amount needed and called it a Pooberry Pie. Anyway you serve them, blueberries are the best!

In honor of this national celebration, I have the perfect blueberry treats minus the calories. All of these soapy masterpieces have been made using the cold processed method of soap making. Each blueberry hand rolled and the "cream" hand piped to give that realistic look and smell of a delectable treat.

You will find these awesome blueberry treats in our online shop ~ Blueberry Artisan Soap, Lemon Blueberry Cupcake Soaps, and Lemon Blueberry Pie Artisan Soap...just remember that while these look and smell real, it is not recommended that they be eaten. ;)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Soap Designs Require New Packaging

The unveiling of our new packaging for some of the new soap designs
This week I have been on Spring Break and not making much soap because I have so much packaging to finish up and get ready for our Open House for local customers this weekend.  (The house needed a good spring cleaning, too)  With the new soap designs that have more eye appeal than the simple looking bars of the past, there was still this itch to take the look up a notch further.  I am happy to say that I am 100% happy with the new eye appeal of both the soaps and the packaging.   Gift ready for any occasion ~ Mother's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, and more. 

Labeling is the last feat to accomplish before Saturday, and I might just have to buy a new printer because I don't have another minute to waste on ink streaks with labels.   I think the problem requires the assistance of a professional cleaning above and beyond the capabilities of the features on the printer and time is not in my favor at this stage of the game. 

Last week I started listing items in our online shop and have already shipped the first order out.  From now until May 5, 2013 we are offering a free bar of our Kitchen Soap with orders of $20 or more (before shipping). 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Taking A Walk on the Wild Side

I've been a bad blogger again and finally made the time to sit down and write an update.  I've been busy creating and finally had to stop to clear out another room to accommodate the drying racks and packing station.  Additional shelving needed to be purchased and set up and now the original soap room is for production only. 

I rarely go extreme with my soap production, but this past weekend I decided to work outside my comfort zone and allow the creativity to take a walk on the wild side. 

Black, electric blue, and hot pink were the colors of choice all swirled together in the mold.  To top it off, I took some mica mixed with oil and drizzled on top, then swish, swish, swished with a chopstick to swirl the top and then I stood back and admired with absolute amazement.  And guess what?  "Wild thing, you make my heart sing...You make everything groovy, wild thing...Wild thing, I think I love you!"

Cut bars look amazing!
I was extremely anxious for this one to come out of the mold so it could be cut into bars.  After anticipation, and impatient waiting, the time had finally come to cut and reveal. 

What do you think?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What a View Challenge

Scenic Lookout on Rt. 2 in Danville, VT
This past weekend we went on a road trip to visit the Grandgirlies and their parents and this is the view we came across as we made the journey.  I love this view, and always like to make a quick stop to snap a photo.  The snow covered mountains in the distance caught our attention, and it was a unanimous vote to stop and capture the moment.  Having grown up in the midwest where the closest thing to a mountain is an ant hill, I never tire of the ever changing mountain views in Vermont. 

My soap shelves are bursting at the seams and one lucky blogger is going to be able to enjoy a preview of the new soap formulas and new soapy designs (Free soap!).  Do you have a favorite scenic view/site where you live that you would like to share?  I would love to see and hear all about it.  Simply write a blog post referencing "What a View Challenge", then come back here and post the link to your blog post in the comments. 

Encourage your blog readers to join the "What a View Challenge" linking back to your blog along with the link to their "What a View Challenge" blog post in the comments for this post and you will earn an extra entry for every one of your readers that accepts this challenge .

The "What a View Challenge" will end on April 10, 2013 and on April 11, 2013 we will select one lucky winner from all of the entries who will be the proud recipient of some special skin loving soapy bubble love from Vermont. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

36 Bars of Beautiful Soap!

Swirling action taking place in the mold
We love our new soap mold from Bramble Berry!  What to make first,?  Energy?  Chocolate?  Blackberry Sage?  Oh my, decisions, decisions!  And the final decision?  Razz Nilla was the first batch of beatiful color swirling action to land in the mold. 
Dividers in place

The inserts were a bit of a learning curve for me the first time I used them, despite the advice to be patient.  To be honest,  I was ready to heave those inserts out on the lawn. I persisted and breathed a huge sigh of relief when it was finally resting in the soap.  Although, I was seriously thinking the next time I'll cut the bars by hand. Hubby encouraged that before long I'll be slipping them in and out of soap mold like yesterday's news. 

1 of 36 bars

With much anticipation, and a lot of peeking under the lid to admire the masterpiece, it was finally time to unmold the beauty and admire it some more before removing the inserts.  The wishing, waiting, and anticipation of owning one of these amazing molds was well worth the wait, and happy to report that the bars are gorgeous! 
Getting all patriotic

The second batch to land in this gorgeous soap mold was a brainstorm idea I've been itching to create for months.  I've seen it in my mind,  had the game plan all mapped out, and this past weekend it all finally came together.  The mold inserts behaved for me just as hubby predicted.  Once again it was hard to resist sneaking in a peek or two, you know I've gotta babysit the soap, it's a soapers life.  ;) 

Shop Re-Opening update... we are still working on the labeling, packaging, and more so the re-opening of our online shop has been slightly delayed. Quite a few batches are fully cured, but very soon we will have a much nicer variety of soap fully cured and ready. 

My son tells me he has a growing list of co-workers and friends eager to do some Mother's Day shopping.   For local folks we'll be holding an open house on April 27.  For those who have been eager to see the soapmaking process, I will be giving some soapmaking demos during the open house.