Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's melting....

Yeah!!! I was so excited when I pulled in my drive this afternoon and (gasp) saw the wooden border for my perennial flower beds! They only stand about 6 inches high, but we haven't seen them since...November, December??? The massive doses of sunshine and warmer air this week has greatly reduced the amount of snow we have in our yard. Admittedly, we still have a great deal of snow in our yard but every day we are seeing more of the yard and less of the snow. YEAH!!!! I didn't have time to snap a photo so you'll just have to trust me on this one..I was too busy taking in every last waking moment of the sun and warm air while it was there to be enjoyed.

Our grill has been working double overtime every day since last weekend. We never tire of grilled food around our Rachael Ray would say it...YUM-O!!! Tonight we had BBQ Ribs that were to die for. OK, they could have been tough as a buzzard and we wouldn't have cared! LOL
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