Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fond Memories with Mom & Grandma for Mother's Day

Mom & Dad on Vacation 2007

Every year my Mother would take my sister and I to the annual Mother's Day Banquet at our church. We always looked forward to the occasion so we could have a "girls outing" where we could dress up in fancy attire and feel like princesses. My Grandmother attended many of the occasions with us.

I never understood a Mother's love until I became a mother myself. Over the years I have gained a deeper appreciation for my Mother and everything she has done for me. Last year I surprised her with two dozen roses delivered right to her front door. She had never received a bouquet of roses before (not even from my father) and was so touched by the display that stood before her. Even though we are 1000 miles away from each other, we keep in touch every day via email so it doesn't feel as though we are that far away from each other.

My Maternal Grandmother and I have held a close connection. Perhaps it was because we share the same love for cooking, laughing, and creativity. Perhaps it was because she had been there through all of the momentous occasions in my life. Even so, I feel very blessed to still have my Grandmother around. Last year she went through major surgery at the ripe old age of 92 (now 93). We didn't think she would come through the surgery but she amazed everyone with her recovery. Several times we were sure she was going to lose her battle, but she never ceased to amaze us and the Doctors with her recovery. She has beat so many odds against her...she's got some real fight in her. Last month she became "Great Grandma" for the 25th time with a Great Grandson that will carry on the family name, FINALLY!

Grandma ~ December 2006
Taken at the restaurant where we last had lunch together.
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