Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gardening Is Fun

I have always had a garden from the time I was growing up. Every place we have lived I have put in a garden. It comes natural for me because it is something I have always done.

When we moved to Vermont 5 years ago, the lot our house sits on is large enough to accommodate a nice size garden, but it was cramped quarters with the dog. To avoid the frustrations of keeping a Senior dog out of the garden, I chose to hold off on a garden until she was gone. She passed away on February 28.

Knowing early on that we would be putting in a garden, my daughter eagerly chimed in and said they were planting seeds in the greenhouse at RTCC as part of their program studies. She got to select the vegetables to plant. She went crazy...cabbage, squash, cucumber, corn, tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, lettuce, and more. Friday she had to bring the plants home. I came home expecting seedlings, not full grown plants! The corn stands about a foot tall. The squash already has blooms. I'm itching to get my hands in the dirt, but it is still too cold in Vermont to set the plants just yet.

I have my Gardener's Friend Soap ready and waiting to help with the clean up. Ever since I started making soap (8+ years ago), I have made this soap formula every spring. The ground luffa is added for exfoliation. The super-fatted soap is formulated to aid in bringing moisture back into those dry hands after gardening and is scented with a delicate hint of lettuce and rain combined with soft spearmint, a fragrance that pleases those of us that are the garden freaks of the world.
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