Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Setting Boundaries with a Home Business

One of the hardest parts about running a business from home is the respect for time and knowing when to shut it off. Being in control is the key to success when setting boundaries.

I had the most outstanding beautician in the midwest that was very good at doing just that. She worked out of her home in an adjoining room that was closed off to the rest of her home and she was great about leaving the exterior door to the shop open for customers if they showed up early for the first appointment of the morning or afternoon. Starting time was a set time and she didn't step foot inside the shop until that time.

Scheduling was precise and executed with perfection so she could shut down for lunch time and/or end her work day on time and "go home". She would turn down the volume on the separate phone line and walk away. At quitting time, she would not answer the phone because she was "off the clock".

Any of her family calling just to talk during business hours were quickly thwarted and told when they should call back...after hours. Her family scheduled hair appointments the same as everyone else. She was very good about turning work off and on without offending anyone. I found her approach between business and personal life to be very balanced, but she had to be in control in order to make it work.
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