Sunday, May 25, 2008

Farmer's Market Begins!

The first week is always hectic after having the winter off. I'm not the only vendor that would admit that they had baskets misplaced over the winter, or something they couldn't find. The first few weeks of Market are typically slow until school lets out and the fresh veggies start coming on. The first weeks are a commitment to folks that "we are back and ready for business". It is important for me, now in my 4th year at this market, because I have locals that come seeking me out in the early spring for more soap.

This week my son used the canopy to protect the food items in his booth. If you missed the post about how this came about you can read about it here. He sold cucpakes, cakes, iced cinnamon bread, jams, jellies and preserves. He was bored until the first sale came in, then he was all business and liking how this will work out for the summer.

I'm hoping to have my new canopy ready and here before next weekend, along with the new table coverings. Everything is coming up "spots" these days. I'm going to be loud and stand out in the crowd. No plain jane canopy tent for this chick! Will most definitely share the end result.

It was a very windy day yesterday. I was so glad I didn't have a canopy to contend with. I've always been a stickler about staking down the canopy even if it isn't windy or breezy in the mornings. You never know when a gust of wind might decide to kick up.

We had one vendor that lost their canopy in the wind yesterday. A gust of wind blew up and picked up her canopy, stakes and all, right out of the ground. It went airborne and landed on the brand spanking new canopy of the vendor next to her. The canopy for the vendor next to her was OK, but hers was toast.
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