Friday, May 16, 2008

Creative Thinking Saves the Day

My son is the lucky elected soul to help with Farmer's Market this year. My oldest daughter no longer lives at home, my younger daughter is working on Saturday's as is my husband. When I mentioned Farmer's Market was starting up again his exact words were "Good luck with that!".

As I have a hard time managing the tent and set up alone, and don't feel it is fair to rely on my "neighbor" vendors at market every week, I need someone to assist me. When I told him he was manning the booth next to me, he became interested in the idea. I decided there wasn't enough room under one tent to house the soap, candles and bath accessories AND all of the jams, jellies, extra garden produce and baked goods. I mentioned that he could split the profits with his sister from that booth each week IF they help with the garden, baking, canning, etc...and he has to sit in the booth each week (weather permitting). His exact words... "Now you're talking my language!" I was relieved he didn't say he was going to be praying for rain every weekend. My daughter is also enthusiastic in that she will be broadening her baking/cooking skills with this endeavor.
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