Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter Vacation Soaping Extravaganza ~ Day Five and Six

Lemongrass Sage
Day Five was spent cutting a lot of soap, then making a batch of Lemongrass Sage Goat Milk soap.  This fragrance is Ashley's (DD #2) favorite fragrance.  She was more than thrilled when she stopped by on her way to work to discover the freshly made batch in the mold.  She has graciously volunteered to be quality tester for this batch. 

My soaping time was shortened with the invitation to join my favorite sister-in-law (I can safely say that because she is my only sister-in-law) for lunch.  I gladly accepted the invitation and the opportunity to clear my nose from all of the fragrances building up in the house. 

Day Six started off as the big T day....TAXES.  I am sooooo glad to have that headache behind me for another year.  Major headache because I received a very small amount of money in a class action lawsuit against an employer I had worked for like 12 years ago when we lived in Illinois.  Of course, the state taxes were paid to IL and not VT so of course, for the $5 I gave the state of IL, they took $4 and I get a whole whopping $1 back (laughing as I type).  Vermont gave me a whole whopping $2.00 more back on my return because of the tax paid to IL. 

My son got up earlier than normal and made a late breakfast for us, then we went about moving a bunch of stuff to unearth one box of soap supplies I KNEW I had, but could not find.  After we had most everything torn apart he remembered what I was looking for was in his closet the whole entire time!  I had asked him multiple times if he was sure all of my supplies had been taken out of his room when he moved back home, and he insisted it all had been.  Unbelievable!!!  I was just glad to finally find what I was looking for!
Table & Drying Rack set up

While I had my son captive, we moved a table down to the soap room and got a nice wire shelf in place to load up with curing soap.  Needless to say, you can see it is already full, but that leaves all of the other racks that all of those soaps had occupied wide open for more soapy creations. 

And now I am headed back into the soap room to turn out more soapy creations and fill up the now vacant racks.  :)

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