Friday, March 1, 2013

Fantastic Friday

This week has really gone by quickly, as it always does when one is on vacation.  Vacation extends through Tuesday of next week due to Town Meetings in Vermont.  The weather has been absolutely splendid this week..a little snow and rain, a little sunshine, and some nice warmer winter days to melt the snow piles that have been plowed up in our yard.  I would be much happier if it were 70 degrees or warmer outside, but I will take these warmer winter days and enjoy them.  At least I have been able to enjoy them and not stuck inside all day. 

Oatmeal Soap
Last night while waiting for dinner to bake I mixed up a batch of Oatmeal Goat Milk Soap.  It smells yummy and released from the molds beautifully this morning.  I am really loving these round column molds that I got from Brambleberry.  This time I used both of the molds I purchased to hold my batch of soap instead of downsizing the batch.  After releasing from the molds this morning I realized why I had so much batter leftover the other was enough to fill two molds!  Later today the molds will be holding yet another soapy creation.  I am serioulsy going to have to invest in more of these molds, I love them!

Day Soaps
Today marks Day Seven of Winter Vacation Soaping Extravaganza and this morning I made a couple of soaps with thoughts about Mother's Day.  Two more floral scents made their debut.  From left to right we have...A Bouquet of Roses and Floral Bouquet.  If floral is not your thing, I do have some non-floral soaps in the works for Mother's Day as I know not everyone is into floral scents. 

In the winter my house is the perfect environment for drying flowers.  Ashley had given me some beautiful tea roses in the most amazing color for Valentine's Day.  After they dried out I carefully removed the petals with the thoughts of placing them on a soapy project for Mother's Day.  I am hopeful that the color of the petals don't morph during the saponification process, we'll soon find out.  The soap is a nice rosey color, which I can only hope doesn't morph into another color during the cure time as well.  Hidden inside the log is a pencil line of 24K gold mica that won't be visible until the log is released from the mold and cut into bars.  24K gold mica has also been dusted on top of the rose petals giving the soap a regal appearance. 

Floral Bouquet has a textured top of yellow and purple.  The lighting in the soap room made the yellow look more orange when I snapped the photo, but I assure you it is yellow.  Lurking below the two toned top is a nice creamy base with a pencil line dusting of purple mica hidden inside. 

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