Monday, February 11, 2013

Down with the Creeping Crud

I haven't forgotten everyone, the soap production has come to a screeching halt until the creeping crud makes its exit out of my house.  I came down with the affliction on Friday afternoon...suddenly and swiftly it settled in, and still have not gotten over it.  My husband and son now both have it.  Today we all spent the day off work together nursing our ailments.  Since I work around kids and food for my full-time job, health regulations are that I need to be symptom and/or fever free for 24 hours before I can return to work.  As of this afternoon I am still running a 100 degree F fever.  I have an amazing team in the kitchen aat school and they do a fabulous job pulling it together in my absence so I can focus on getting better.  The plus in all of the current situation is this will behind me before winter vacation starts in 11 days! 
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