Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Champagne Goat Milk Soap

Freshly poured in the mold
Champange is a real sparkling, bubbly fragrance that is requested quite often around here.  I always tend to grab the 24k gold mica when working with this one because I feel there is a regal quality about champagne and gold going together. 

On this particular log I wanted to try out my piping abilities.  Now rest assured I can pipe frosting on cupcakes lickety split and can whip out 100 of them in no time flat.  I can make frosting without a recipe because I've done it so many times I know what consistency I am needing and can adjust volume just by looking at the frosting.  Working with soap batter, however was a unique challenge.  Next time I need to let the soap batter set up a bit longer before attempting to pipe, and be a bit more patient waiting for the soap batter to come into the consistency of frosting. A slight dusting of gold mica (this time I used a small sifter) really got the shimmering effect I was aiming towards.

Removed from the mold
Cut bars look like champagne bubbles on top
The side view of the log of soap shows off the piping, and you can barely see the gold swirls I was attempting to achieve throughout the log.  What amazed me is the gold swirls seemed to get lost in the mix of things, but stood out with the piped top. 

When I cut the bars I was amazed at how it looks as though there are champagne bubbles dancing on top of every bar.  The swirl might not have achieved much interest, and the piping in need of some more patience, but I was deeply pleased with the end result.  The bars have been moved to the rack to finish curing and will be available in our online store late next month.  :)
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