Monday, February 18, 2013

Behold The Dutch Oven!

I have many kitchen utensils and all sorts of gidgets and gadgets that I've collected over the years.  But, it wasn't until Ashley left her dutch oven at my house before I had the pleasure of using one.  I was immediately in love!  I dropped a very "not so subtle hint" that I really NEED Santa to bring me one of those dutch ovens for Christmas this year.  Imagine my excitement when Ashley, my little cupid, brought me a beautiful cranberry color dutch oven for Valentine's Day!  I guess my "not so subtle hint" worked!  :)   Of course, I have always been in love with cast iron, but sadly have set them aside because they are not safe to use on the glass flat cooktop and only haul them out to use on the gas burner on my gas grill in the summer. Imagine my excitement in finding out that these beautiful enamel covered cast iron beauties can be safely used on my stovetop!  

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