Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Vacation Soaping Extravaganza ~ Day Three and Four

Day Three ~

To start the day off, I went about cutting all of the logs of soap made on Day One and Day Two,  then realized I had run out of room on the drying racks, so I rearranged the racks to make things a bit more organized and tidy. 

Lavender Goat Milk Soap
If you remember earlier this month I made a large bath of Lavender Goat Milk Soap just before I came down with the "Creeping Crud", which consequently did not turn out, but I didn't discover the problem until a week later when I started feeling better.  Soooooo, I made another single mold of Lavender Soap on Day Three. 

Not Good!
Apparently,when I mixed the large batch of Lavender Soap earlier this month, I "thought" it was thoroughly mixed in the 5 gallon bucket I was using, but alas, it was NOT!  I knew there was a probem when I cut the first log (after sitting for over a week) and noticed it was extremely soft.  The hidden problem was lurking in the two logs behind the first when I noticed some dripping and weeping under the drying rack from the logs behind it.  I also noticed the two remaining logs had further issues lurking on the underside. 

Dark Orange areas, a lot of soda ash (from the lye), about 1/2 inch of crumbly "soap" on the bottom, and the tops were extremely soft.  The importance of making sure you have indeed thoroughly combined the mixture prior to pouring it into the molds!!!

Day Four ~

I got a very late start to my morning due to the fact that Ashley's "baby" Emma, the Bassett Hound, which we dog sit while she is working second shift, had a rough night because she was not feeling well.  This dog has serious separation anxiety, and needs a lot of TLC when she comes to stay with us so not feeling well didn't help and made for a very long night.  I won't bore you with the details, but Ms. Moo was VERY tired and slept in this morning. 
Day Four Projects
Mr. Moo reminded me last night that he was in need of some clean clothes, so I went about starting the laundry when I heard a noise on the porch and discovered my precious package from Brambleberry had arrived!  Yippee ~ new soap molds and one of my favorite fragrance oils so it was off to the soap room we go.

I knew my soap batches were a touch too much for these molds, but I purposely did not adjust my batches because I wanted to pour some smaller soaps for future planned projects.  From left to right we have  the beginnings of a Mother's Day project (I haven't fine tuned the name yet), A grape scented soap, and Energy. I am anxious to see how the round soaps turn out in the new molds I receieved today. I poured the two round molds with more than one color and curious to see what the cut bars will look like.  As for the log for the Mother's Day project, it is a floral scent that has been added to the list of fragrances that MUST be soaped when I can have a window open.  Mr.Moo came home from work as I had just mixed up the batch and mentioned he could smell it as soon as he stepped onto the porch...outside!!!   Pretty, but extremely intense when I played with it. 
Small molds filled with excess soap

As you can see I had a lot of soap leftover from the new round molds so I had quite a few smaller molds that were filled with the excess, more than I thought.  Next time I will adjust my batch so I don't have so much leftover. 

My son's laptop is seriously misbehaving tonight, so I apologize for any oddities with spellig and/or punctuation tonight.  Argh!!!

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