Wednesday, July 2, 2008

With Tears And A Very Heavy Heart

Tragedy has hit our area. Tonight a community was brought together under the most horrifying circumstances. A family greaves the loss of a loved one and a community came together to show their love and support for their loss. One week ago 12 year old Brooke Bennett vanished with few clues. Vermont's first Amber Alert was issued and we have had multitudes of law enforcement agencies and media flooding the area. As the days have gone by and evidence examined, the mysteries surrounding her disappearance have escalated into the worst imaginable discoveries.

Late this afternoon law enforcement found the remains of Brooke Bennett. The hair on my arms stood on end as the public service announcement came over the TV announcing the Amber Alert had been cancelled because the victim had been found. With sad and heavy hearts, the candlelight vigil that was scheduled for tonight turned into a Memorial Service for the victim. I stood with painful tears in my eyes, not even wanting to imagine the pain the mother is going through. My son is close friends with the victims brother and this tragedy has hit entirely too close to home.

RIP Brooke Bennett, and may justice be served to those involved in your disappearance and untimely death. I've created a Treasury in your memory.

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