Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cake Meets Mr. Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner

My favorite creation ~ I had to jump all over this one.

My sister and late Aunt shared the same Birthday that always managed to fall right around Thanksgiving. When my kids were little, I took to cake decorating as a means to earn some extra income, and decided to tackle the ULTIMATE Thanksgiving Cake the year their Birthday fell exactly ON Thanksgiving.

The cake was made in the shape of a turkey. 1/2 white and 1/2 dark(chocolate). The frosting was colored and textured to make the cake look just like the turkey had come out of the oven and I had even put some fancy frills on the "legs" to really show it off all the more. There was "Stuffing" made out of white cake protrouding from the "turkey". Surrounding the turkey on the tray there was a "baked Potato with a pat of butter", "peas", and "carrots".

My Aunt was a small and short, but she was a wild spitfire...and a nosey one at that! When she arrived I asked if she thought the turkey was going to be enough to feed everyone. She walked up to the cake, poked the leg and said "That is one tough bird!" It was then that I told her it was actually her Birthday cake. First words out of her mouth, "OH MY GOD!!!!" We heard those words repeatedly throughout the day...and sadly no one wanted to eat the Turkey Cake because they found it to be too fancy to eat.

This post was inspired by The Etsybloggers Team July 21 Blog Carnival. We could choose between two topics.

Theme 1: Your favorite creation. Tell about your favorite creation and share a picture.
Theme 2: It's a heatwave. Tell of things that you do to keep cool or have fun in the sun.
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