Monday, July 7, 2008

Farmer's Market Blues

I've been doing the same market for 4 years now. I have a lot of local patrons that look for me every year in the spring, bring their visiting friends by my booth throughout the summer, and load up with soap in the fall. The location is such that it is in a hot tourist market, and we have been known to have tour buses stop by every once in a while. This year, however, the market has been sparsely attended by shoppers and those that do stop by are just looking. This market has a nice variety of products to offer...baked goods, produce, and crafts of all kinds.

This past weekend the market was bustling with shoppers. I sold a lot of goodies, but no where near what I've sold over a holiday weekend in years past. I have been debating over whether I will continue with this market next year due to the fact that I drive 30 minutes one way.

I was fortunate to have a gentleman next to me on Saturday that invited me to bring my goodies to a Monday market that he set up. It is close to home, and best of weekly fees. Just show up, grab a spot and set up. Can it get any better than that? I figured, it is only a quick jaunt down the road so there was no harm in giving this market a chance.

Showing up 20 minutes before market was set to open is never a good thing. The location is covered in shade trees so I didn't need the canopy (Thank God!). I reduced my inventory to soap, spa washcloths and bath puffs. I was ready in under 20 minutes...shocking considering that I was melting and overheating with the extreme humidity and nice warm heat that accompanied! I set up not expecting to sell much. Well, blow me over if I didn't stay busy, busy, busy most of the 3 hours. Who would have thought!!!

Something rather interesting that made me think...I had several tourists comment they were happy to find a Monday market because they were so busy on Saturday and shopping a Farmer's Market was not on the top of the list. Hmmmmmm
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