Sunday, July 13, 2008

Productive, Busy Weekend

Yesterday's Farmer's Market ~ what can I say? The weather cooperated, everyone was in a happy mood, and in the mood to shop.

Two different views of my booth. This set up seems to gain attention to those who don't want to commit coming into the booth.

One common thread between online sales and Farmer's Markets...the Spa Washcloths and Cotton Bath Puffs are popular. It was off to the yarn shop this afternoon to load up on lots of yarn to replace the sold items (as well as take advantage of the tax free holiday in Vermont) and HOPE to keep ahead of the game for Christmas. Once school starts I won't have as much time to devote to creating.

All 10 of my soap molds were filled this morning with new batches of soap. The house is smelling mighty Christmas! I would have kept going and line cardboard boxes with freezer wrap but alas, I ran out of soapmaking oils...for shame!!! Here I've been so worried about my yarn supply that I failed to realize I was extremely low on soapmaking oils!
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