Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Fling Extravaganza!

This morning at 7 AM our thermometer read a whopping 5 degrees F. No zero behind the 5! Can you say BRRRRRisk!?! Oh, but the day recovered quickly enough and we just HAD to dig out the last hidden package of bratwurst from the freezer and put them on the Grill. Yes, even though I still don't see much of anything but snow in my yard, and lots of it, the grill was cooking today.

I made this gorgeous gift bag about a year ago. It is made with a unique Italian Wool Blend yarn. The colors are stunning and I've had a lot of compliments. What to do with it? Well, it was actually the color inspiration for my Spring Fling Soap so it seemed appropriate to combine the two together and make a OOAK Gift.

Today was kind of a catch up day around the house, and time to take photos for my Etsy Store. I have a great digital camera, but I have discovered it is more camera than I know what to do with, at times. I take great close ups of my outdoor flowers (when they are blooming), and I *think* I've got the inside close ups about covered now. I've gotten quite a few pictures switched out on my Etsy Store and a list of the rest that need to be retaken.
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