Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Heat Wave ~ Melt Down ~ I'm Famous!

Today has been a catch up day to get things wrapped up before returning to work tomorrow. It warmed up to nearly 50 degrees today and we experienced nuclear meltdown. I made the comment to my neighbor that we were about due for another snow storm now that we can actually see the pavement on our paved road again. LOL With the much desired warmer air, I let the woodstove die out and opened the windows to bring in some fresh air. The cat went a little wild on me by jumping from window to window. He was just as delighted to enjoy the fresh air as I was. There is hope that spring is coming...we just can't see beyond the massive snow "mountains" in our yards yet.

Today I was featured in an article writted by the Valley News. It was based on an interview they conducted while I was at the Healthy Cuisine For Kids training. Very nicely written article. The online version doesn't include the color photos they took at my school last week that were part of the print edition.
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