Monday, March 17, 2008

Soaping Funness...

I was anxious to get home from work today because it was day one of mentor soaping with a student from RTCC. I kinda got a little tied up at work and was running a tad late. As soon as I walked in the door, the shoes came off, and the soaping goodies were quickly spread out all over the counters.

The first batch was In the Oven Hot Processed soap so she could see the volcano effect. Wouldn't you believe it...this is only the second time that the volcano never happened. After talking soap for a while, it was time to do the zap test, add the fragrance and colorant, then put the soap in the mold.

With the first batch under our belts, we tackled a second batch. This time my student was put to work doing all of the measuring and mixing while I took photos to document the process. The soap was put in the mold and immediately covered with the lid to show proper insulation to make cold processed soap. After a short while the mold was uncovered and put in the oven so my student could see the gel phase take place, and to experience In the Mold Hot Oven Processed soap. This batch cooperated and showed us exactly what it was supposed to as you will see below.

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