Sunday, March 23, 2008

22nd Anniversary

It is a busy weekend with Easter and all...throw in our 22nd Wedding Anniversary and you have the makings for a very busy weekend. We have aged gracefully, have two teenagers almost ready to make the jump into adulthood, and one child that has already crossed out of the teen years. With 22 years of experiences (some good, some bad) to reflect upon, our love still rings true and is the driving force of our marriage.

For the occasion, we took a little ride to Hanover, New Hampshire to check out this fabulous restaurant, Jesse's. The rustic appearance of the place was so cozy and inviting, the staff equally pleasant. They have the most incredible salad bar loaded with fresh baby greens, vegetables, and salads. Much of what they stock on the salad bar is locally grown or handmade in house. Awesome, awesome!!! We were in pursuit of a good steak, and Jesse's delivered along with their signature steak sauce that is outstanding...and this chick is a die hard A-1 Steak Sauce kinda girl! The Turtle Cheesecake was so tempting, so we caved in on a rare occasion to indulge ourselves with dessert. Curiosity got the better of me...Green Tulip Martini? Not bad, catchy name, lured me right in! LOL I would suggest if you are ever in Hanover, NH and want to check out Jesse's, to call ahead to make reservations. The place is happening and busy.
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