Thursday, March 13, 2008

Long Week, but Thinking about Spring

I've had some rather long and exhausting days at work this week. I come home from work uninspired and not so much in the mood for crafting. All I want to do is collapse in the chair at the end of the day. I could, however, muster up the energy to take photos of and list the rest of the felted bags I've got ready for sale.

This week I received a call from a young lady at our local technical career (vocational) school that asked me to be her Tech Project Mentor. Each year, students attending the technical career school are asked to spend several hours working with a mentor on a specific project and then present their experience to their Program Studies Instructor and the English Teacher. Parents and family are invited to attend if their schedule so permits. It is an enriching experience for the students and some make career choices along that field after they have completed a project. Some chose to work on a specific craft type project while others chose to take on bigger tasks like restoring an engine, training a dog, or working on a dairy farm. It thrills me to be part of this great opportunity.
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