Sunday, March 2, 2008

Soap Making Day

Today has been a soap making day. They are hot out of the oven and cooling down as I type. The first soap is Fuzzy Navel...gotta love it.

The weather hasn't been the greatest this winter. We've seen an incredible amount of snow. In spite of all the snow, March is here and sugaring season in Vermont typically starts this month. It seemed appropriate to make up another batch of Vermont Maple Sugar Soap.

When I've made Cold Processed soaps, I have made swirls but have never attempted a two layer soap with different colors. I was inspired with Lavender Mint and decided to give it a whirl. Won't know until tomorrow if it worked, because it's still hot in the mold. The bottom layer was tinted lavender when I poured it in the mold. I let it set up for a few minutes before lightly spooning the green layer on top. Keep watching for the updates tomorrow.
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