Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tough Buzzard Not Open for Any New Ladder Tricks

The fog in my head is subsiding, I am able to focus a bit clearer and the headache is beginning to subside...unless I'm getting used to the pain. The stitches on my head are beginning to drive me batty but my kids will tell you I was already batty, so...

Thankfully there are no broken or fractured bones to speak of. I've been told my bone density is excellent for my age, which is reassuring. Or perhaps that means I'm just a tough buzzard? The pain in my hip persists and I'm looking at physical therapy but I've chosen to at least hold off until the stitches are removed on Monday(hoping the pain will let up).

Did I mention there won't be any more WWE ladder tricks for this chick? If I can't reach it from the floor, it ain't gonna be reached! And that doesn't lend much distance considering I'm 5' 2"! Someone taller and/or much braver than I can do the ladder tricks.

Fortunately I was able to bring paperwork home to make final preparations for the new school year. Much quieter at home, less distractions, anyway. The Intenet is a wonderful tool linking home to work in a matter of a few clicks. Amazing!

The menu planning for the first month of school took longer than normal as more of the 2005 dietary guidelines are implemented and taken into consideration ~ lower fat, sodium, sugar and higher consumption of fresh fruits, veggies and whole grains AND targeting specific nutrients and vitamins to ensure they are being served the appropriate number of times per week. I spent two days earlier last week in training classes to help create this menu. This menu will be compared to the menu I had planned for September 2007 to see how well I have "changed" my menu planning techniques. More time and thought was put into this menu plan but now that it is finished I will be able to copy and paste (for the most part) and eventually put these daily items into a "cycle" menu in a creative way so it doesn't appear to be as such.
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