Monday, August 11, 2008

This is some GREAT stuff!

One of my MIVEST friends, Zeke, lives a "little" jaunt north of me on an island in the middle of Lake Champlain with his owners, Jim & Ellen. They offer some great wood turned products along with handspun and dyed yarns, knitted items and more.

They also happen to make some of the most excellent Hot Sauce ~ Macanero Hot Sauce to be exact!

Now, I love heat but so many hot sauces on the market have entirely too much salt and vinegar in them that it sets my mouth on fire and I can't enjoy the experience. This sauce doesn't do that! It's a sweet heat that is out of this world. A delightful combination of Macintosh apples, maple syrup and a nice assortment of hot peppers. Splash it in a bowl of chili to kick it up a notch (yum!), or on a pile of scrambled eggs(yum!). Either way you won't be disappointed when this sweet heat delivers a treat on your taste buds. Stop on over to Yellow Dog Farmand say hi to Zeke. He'll set you up with some of the best hot sauce in Vermont!
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