Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And We're Off and Running...

First things first...Don't forget, you have until September 1, 2008 to enter my End of Summer Contest!

And in honor of my 6 month Etsyversary I'm getting closer to sending off another free 8 ounce jar of Body Parfait Lotion in a yummy fall scent to the person who orders #100 in my shop. Oh, and did I mention that person will also receive 10% off the entire order! See shop announcement for details.

On to other matters...In-Service at school started Monday morning bright and early. The entire District converged upon my school for breakfast that I catered. The day was long, but productive. On my way home I stopped to have the stitches removed from my head and I could not wait to get home and scrub my head real good...particularly where the stitches had been. Relief...and back to hair product (my BFF) and a hairdo once again.

Today was the return of the students for their first day of school. I swear most of them grew 2-3 inches over the summer. New haircuts, new clothes and lots of exciting stories about summer adventures. Many new faces...some happy about their new environment and some not so happy.

What are the chances that on the first day of school the Health Inspector would show up for his first of two visits this school year. He normally doesn't start school visits for another week or two but he had a cancellation elsewhere today and knew I would roll with the punches. We got a 97, which is pretty darn good, considering the hurdles I've had to overcome to get the kitchen ready this year. The hood vent was included on the summer cleaning and maintenance for custodial staff to complete but unfortunately it was not done so there was one point off on my inspection. Not my fault, so it now becomes a matter for Administration to address with the custodial staff. Until funds permit to have a 3 bay sink installed in the kitchen, we will always be marked off 2 points on our health inspections for not having one. We have a portable "work around" that the Health Inspector is agreeable to should we encounter dishwasher issues. Not something I have control over, the last two equipment grants I've obtained were used for other more pressing equipment purchases (stove that doesn't bark flames at you when you turn a burner on, and new counters that aren't falling apart, cracking, not sanitary, etc.) I also had to replace the dishwasher last school year without a grant...very big chunk of change. The 3 bay sink tends to fall further down on the totem pole in the line of upgrades to the kitchen. However, it is inching closer to the top of the list.

All in all, the school year is off to a good start.
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