Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Was the Winner of a Holiday Website Contest

The year was 1999. We had purchased our first computer and I promised my husband I would make it pay for itself within the first year (I was a SAHM at the time). As the year wore on, I found all sorts of interesting sites with promises of money to earn. Ha Ha! I was product tester, earning money for my feedback. I clicked for points to earn gift cards and cash until one day I happened across a website where you could build a free web page with drag and drop. This interested me. Before long I was surfing for graphics and clicking away with drag and drop and a website emerged that included recipes, household tips and useful information.

Shortly thereafter, it was announced that the website owners were looking for the ultimate Holiday website. The winner would receive a brand new computer from Dell, and 10 runners up would receive scanners. The idea of a new scanner was enticing to me (I already had a computer) so I started a new website and poured my heart into it, working around the clock for days. The site had appeal to both young and old. There was a family greeting, a memorial to my Grandfather that had passed away just before Christmas the year before, children's activities, holiday recipes and more.

The deadline to submit the website for inclusion in the contest was drawing closer. When I viewed the other websites I was up against I certainly didn't feel I stood a chance of winning and held off to submit. In the final hours before the contest entry deadline I came to realize that it wasn't about winning, but rather the satisfaction that I had successfully built the website and had fun in the process. The website was subsequently submitted for inclusion in the contest, never dreaming I would stand a chance of winning.

Several days prior to the announcemnt of the winners, I received official notification that my site had been selected as the overall winner in their contest which meant I had won the grand prize ~ a Brand New Dell Computer. I had to pinch myself several times to make sure I wasn't dreaming. When the realization hit me that I had actually won, I started hooting and hollering and jumping up and down chanting "I won! I won! I won!!!"

My winning website no longer exists after the site owners eliminated the "free" websites. Regardless, I will never forget the experience that gave me such deep satisfaction and a very large boost of self-confidence.

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