Monday, August 18, 2008

In Search of the Perfect Pumpkin

My head is feeling better, stitches are a pain to deal with but I'm surviving. What concerns me now is the multi colored elbow and persistent and growing intensity of pain in my right hip. I tried to get into the Dr. today but...well, you know how Dr. & Hospitals can be sometimes. I'm going to try first thing tomorrow and will stand in the ER if need be to get this looked at. They did a Cat Scan of my head and X-rays of my chest right after the accident, but didn't check my elbow or hip despite my complaints...such is life. It hurts my hip when I attempt to stand, sit, walk, or lay. Sitting and laying seems to be the least painful so long as my legs are elevated. Which means, I've had lots of time to crochet the past few days, and here is one of the fun projects. YIPPEEE!!! You can find this in my store.
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