Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Herbs, Less Salt

August 29 is . . . . More Herbs, Less Salt Day

I am intrigued by this Bizarre Holiday because I have had to restrict my intake of sodium due to Hypertension. I have never been one to load the salt on foods, so I thought it would be easy breezy to reduce the amount of sodium intake. HA! The simple foods we consume are laced with sodium, counteracted many times by sugar so you can't taste the salt overload. Becoming a label reader sure has been enlightening both in my job and personally.

For instance, take a bottle of low fat dressing off the shelf, and compare it to the full fat bottle of the same type of dressing. When they take the fat out, they have to use something to bind the dressing and add flavor. And what do you think they use? Salt and sugar. In my mind, the fat is the lesser of the "two evils" if you use it in moderation.

I am really excited because I recently purchased an excellent cookbook, "It's About Thyme (and other Herbs and Spices)". These ladies spent many hours researching and cooking with different herbs and spices, then compiled the fruits of their labor into a wonderful cookbook. The price for the book is quite a steal for the wealth of information it contains.
I've already ordered a second copy to give as a gift. You can find this wonderful cookbook here.
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