Wednesday, June 18, 2008

These are AWESOME!!!

I've been interested in the spa salt bars for a good while but was too chicken to jump in. With summer vacation I decided it would be a good time to test them out, but I had to try one first to be convinced it would be worth my time.

I have been eyeing The Soap Store on Etsy for several months. I am amazed at the swirls and layering techniques of this very talented soap artist! Soon as I opened the package the fragrance of the spa bar wafted up and filled the room. I admired the bar for a couple days before taking it to the tub. Isn't this a gorgeous bar of soap?
What can I say? I'm HOOKED on the spa salt bars! I was pleasantly surprised that the soap wasn't scratchy at all. The water transformed the spa salt bar into the most incredible experience for my skin. My skin feels so soft and smooth, not at all dry. Good bye salt scrubs, hello spa salt bars! Less mess, safer to use and much easier to package!

Now that I'm convinced this is something I would like to make and offer my customers, I just HAD to make some of my own this morning. It wasn't as tricky as I had thought they would be. Everything went smoothly, and behaved well for me. Because everything went so smoothly for me, I decided to add a swirl to mine and I'm pretty tickled with the result. Now to wait (impatiently) for the next 4 weeks while these harden and cure before I test one out.
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