Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chef Coats and Hats Return...

Today I am headed off to teach the "Healthy Cuisine for Kids" to other School Food Service Personnel around the state. I will be driving back and forth each day, even though the price of gas is through the roof. It was still cheaper for me to drive to and from than it was to pay for a hotel room and meals. I don't mind driving the haul this time of year, the mountains are amazing to look at and that helps to pass the time.

Back in February I took the course (read more here). We've worked hard to scale back the number of recipes to make the experience more meaningful to those taking the class. We sorta felt like we were on Iron Chef when we took the course, and didn't want the students we will be teaching to be overwhelmed. We have been divided into teaching teams, and holding the classes regionally across the state this week.

I will take pictures of the healthy, nutitious food everyone makes over the next three days and hopefully blog about it later this week.
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