Thursday, June 19, 2008

Etsyblogger of the Month ~ Alicia Mae

Alicia Mae states on her blog that she's moving from the south because she's a snowbaby. After this past winter I would gladly change places with her because I'm NOT a snowbaby! I live for the summer sun and heat.

I was looking over Alicia's three (whew!) Etsy sites...Alicia Mae, Alicia Mae Prints, and Random Supplies. She has an Ebay site, and I just spied that she has a shop on! Busy, busy lady for sure! Does she ever sleep?
Anyhoo...I couldn't resist myself when I spied the cutest little polymer clay candy canes that I "needed" as tie-ons for some Christmas ideas rolling around in my head. And since she had them on deep, deep discount on account of her move, yours truly just HAD to give them a new home.

Not only is Alicia a crafty lady, but she's a woman after my own heart in that she loves to cook and bake.

If you want to order anything from her stores, you better hurry on over. June 25 is the last day she will be shipping before her move. Let's help Alicia lighten her load for moving! Good Luck, Alicia!

Written for the Etsybloggers Street Team ~ Etsyblogger of the Month.
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