Friday, October 24, 2008

Sneak Attack on Etsy

When I opened my shop on Etsy I knew sales were not going to come pouring in right off the bat. It was going to take hard work and dedication to make that first sale and every sale thereafter. That is the realistic dreams about owning an online shop.

Secretly, however, most shop owners (myself included) dream of waking up or coming home to a staggering number of multiple sales, or a near empty shop.

Different sponsors scour Etsy to locate a shop that has little to no sales in their shop. Then, at the appointed date and time, after hours of promotion about the attack, the unsuspecting shop owner is notified of the Sneak Attack mere minutes before fellow Etsians pounce and shop in the Attackee's shop.

Tonight at 7 PM EST I am sponsoring a Sneak Attack on a wonderful fellow Etsian who could definitely use a boost in their shop sales. To read more about Sneak Attacks, and to see shops that have previously been the victims of an attack, please visit The Handmade Movement. A link to my discussion thread about the attack will be posted on The Handmade Movement site as soon as it is started in the Etsy forum. Come join me for the discussion and help to promote this wonderful cause by clicking here.
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