Thursday, October 30, 2008

Senior Pictures

There was some debate over which one to choose. These were taken way back in July. I'm just getting around to posting them~ but only because we are on a serious deadline to get the digital image submitted for her Yearbook page.

This is the image I selected. It also happens to be the same image that Tony, Ashley's boyfriend, liked the best. So we did the main package with this image, but only because the boyfriend sided with me. :)

This is the image Ashley & my hubby wanted so badly. I love the picture, and would have loved to purchase it in color. BUT, Ashley was in love with the black and white and hubby loved the way she looked in the picture. To me black and white is so old fashioned!

In the end, Ashley ended up with a bunch of wallets because she had obtained names and addresses of fellow classmates for the photographer. As her reward, she was given the wallets in the pose she wanted so badly. So, in the end we both won.

The photographer ~ Janet Osha Miller ~ does outstanding work. Even when we lived in the midwest, she had taken some family photos when we would come out this way for a visit. The photo shoots included both indoor and outdoor photos. The images are presented on CD that she sets to music...brings a tear to any mother's eye when you finally get to preview the images. She includes that CD with the proof booklet that you get to keep...forever! With over 100 photos to choose from, it's a miracle we could narrow our selection down to just two!
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