Monday, October 6, 2008

Public Humiliation 101

I have been tagged by sooooo many people, I've lost count and forgotten everyone that has tagged me. To appease my bloggy friends that are BEGGING me to reveal six of my deep dark secrets, I will cave and share...but only because I've been guilted into complying by THE two partners in crime who will remain nameless, but their initials are ~ Lily AND Witch ~ !!! They were the first to start this madness by revealing six of their most intimate secrets. The suspense has been building, the anticipation of "when is Ms. Moo FINALLY going to cave and do this public humiliation 101" without further addo...

1. I learned to play guitar with charts and books (self-taught) when I was a teenager but had to give it up at 20 when I sustained nerve damage to one of my fingers. So...after 15 years of not being able to play an instrument...I took up piano lessons at 35 years of age...

2. I don't read sheet music ~ never have ~ but I can sing well and play the piano chords sufficiently to match the melody after hearing something one time. It also helps that the keyboard I have makes my playing sound as though I have an entire band playing with me.

3. I was very shy and introverted in High School. Today I can speak and sing in front of large crowds...the larger the better. Microphones don't scare me and neither do the crowds. I am best with impromtu public speaking.

4. I am a first generation US citizen on my father's side of the family.

5. I hate mice and snakes...spiders and bugs don't bother me.

6. I totally freaked out standing on the Sears Tower Lookout Deck, have an insane fear of being on a ladder (even before I took my flying leap) but flying in an airplane doesn't bother me.

OK, Lily and Witch...are you happy now?!?!?!???? XO XO

I'm not tagging anyone else because...well...I think everyone else has been tagged at least a half dozen times or more...
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