Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hubby's Moose

I realize that everyone does not embrace hunting. My husband is an avid hunter and was thrilled to have had his name drawn in the Moose Lottery this year. It has been a life dream of his to go on a Moose hunt. Second day of the first season his hunting adventure was a success. Just before 6 PM my technology disadvantaged husband in an attempt to save the image of his moose to his cell phone accidentally sent a text and image to me. Now I, this technology disadvantaged cell phone user, can't figure out how to get the image off the phone and on the computer so we took photos at home when he finally made it home this evening. I'm great on the computer, these cell phones and text messaging capabilities is something new to be discovered.

What are the chances that our son would also draw a tag for second season. This will not be Josh's first Moose hunt, he took a cow moose 4 years ago with his first Moose Tag. If their hunt is a success, we will not keep this second moose as Josh has invited one of his closest friends and his father to go with him on his hunt with the goal of them keeping the moose. Due to sticky state hunting regulations, hubby cannot hunt with Josh.
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