Tuesday, October 7, 2008


After a long day at work I often drive home without the radio on. Drives my family crazy when they use the car after me because (gasp) they have to turn the radio on! There's just something to be said about quiet. It's the perfect opportunity to clear one's mind without outside influences. On really stressful days I take the relaxing a bit further and indulge in a long hot bath.

This topic was inspired by the Etsybloggers Blog Carnival for October 13. A very Special Shout Out to our Gracious Host (and Fearless Leader) ~ Joey who asked us to Choose one of these two topics to write about:

1). Work: Blog about anything to do with your work (past, present or future) which is outside of Etsy.


2). Relax: Blog about what you do to relax.
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