Monday, March 4, 2013

Hidden Inside the Soap

The other day I mentioned that hidden inside the logs of soap I had added a pencil line of mica colorant and I wanted to show you how the bars turned out.  After a happy bubble dance around the soap room, I took a photo of the cut bars.  The rose petals on the rose scented soap stayed true on their color and didn't crumble when I cut the bars (yeah!!!)  My only regret is the lighting in the soap room does not lend itself for good photos.  Hopefully that will be remedied as I finally broke down and purchased a photo light box and will be anxiously awaiting its arrival later this week. 

Floral Bouquet Goat Milk Soap with purple mica pencil line

A Bouquet of Roses Goat Milk Soap with 24 K Gold mica pencil line

A Mother's Love Goat Milk Soap with a green mica pencil line
Today part of the day was spent on the road in search of Washing Soda for the laundry soap.  Pity I had to drive 23 miles one way to find some.  The afternoon was spent mixing up a small tester batch of laundry soap which promptly was put to good use, and so far, so good. 

We are trying very hard to eliminate household products that aren't green.  The next project of the day was mixing up dishwasher detergent.  I will let you know how that works for me in a follow up post.  While I was on a roll, I made some liquid dish soap with the addition of some Orange Essential Oil, and could barely wait for some dirty dishes to hit the sink to test it out. 

I have to admit, I am pretty much married to Dawn dishwashing liquid due to its grease cutting abilities, but I also know that the  MSDS ratings aren't the greatest, either.  My hubby absolutely hates dish liquids because not all of the soap rinses off the dishes.  He is extremely sensitive to the taste of dish soap, so I am anxious to see how the homemade version compares.  What I can tell you is that I found a really greasy dish and headed to the sink with the newly made dish soap to test it out.  My first observation is that it doesn't bubble up like Dawn, but I wasn't expecting it to.  Instead, the water turned cloudy and I was cautiously optimistic because I didn't see ANY bubbles whatsoever, but I was not going to be detered.  I know bubbles don't clean, but we have been so conditioned to believe that unless it bubbles up, it isn't cleaning.  I was astounded to see that the grease was gone, the dish clean, no soapy film left behind.  I will keep using the new soap and plan to do a follow up post in the near future. Oh, and I am about ready to test out the orange cleaner I started making a few weeks ago so I can write a follow up post about that, as well. 

I have one more day of Winter Vacation left, and have MANY soapy creations dancing in my head.  The time has gone by quickly, but I have accomplished much.  When I look around the soap room I am extremely pleased with all of the soapy creations, and my house smells absolutely AMAZING.  :)
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