Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Mystery Mission Begins

Monday's have a bad wrap...1st day of the work week, Monday Blues, etc. But we're going to kick it up a notch and put some fun into Monday's. It's been a while since I held an active contest on my blog and as some of you may already has been super crazy around this cow house for a couple months now. After catching my breath, I'm ready to roll full steam ahead once again. And with that comes a bit of whimsy and fun coming to you every Monday.

Every once in a while I take photos of items laying around the house and yard. The camera I use has an awesome super macro setting that brings out details you can't see with the naked eye, which intrigues me ~ I know it doesn't take much to entertain this cow. And so, this is where the fun begins...starting today, and every Monday after, I will be posting an image on my blog. It is up to you to figure out what the image is...some are really hard, others deceiving, and every once in a while there might be an easy one to figure out. One thing you can be sure of, each item is something found in and around most households. Post your answers as a comment to this post and you will be entered into a monthly drawing for some yummy skin loving goodies. If your guess is correct, you will gain 5 extra entries into the monthly drawing. At any rate, it will always be fun!

Here is your first Monday Mystery Mission, if you choose to accept it.... WHAT AM I?
Next week I will post the answer to this week's mystery image, along with a new Monday Mystery Mission.
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