Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All American Mom

Earlier this month in celebration of my Birthday I was given this awesome Teddy Bear ~ The All American Mom Bear ~ my FIRST EVER Vermont Teddy Bear! Back track to the last week in June when we had a friend fly in for a week and took her to see the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. See that big Teddy Bear she's cuddling up to?
Now, I've been to this factory MANY times over the years without buying a bear, but this time I immediately fell in love with one of the bears on display because of the Patriotic dress she was wearing. She would fit right in with my kitchen decor and jokingly told Ashley the bear would make a great Birthday present (hint, hint), never dreaming she would actually purchase one for me.

These Vermont Made bears are the bomb! Very well constructed and come with a lifetime guarantee. If anything ever happens to your bear, just fill out the hospital admission papers and in a few weeks the bear will come back to you all fixed up and ready for more years of loving. These Teddy Bears come in a box with an air hole, so they can breathe. A snack in case they get hungry on the way to their new home, and some road trip games stamped on the inside of the box in case the bear gets bored. Here's a Question ~ What's the official beverage of Vermont? Answer ~ If you guessed Maple Syrup you are correct! The inside of the box is also stamped with the History of the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, and also some alternative uses for the box. One suggestion is to use it as a fish tank but warns it may only last 10 minutes, 15 if you plug the hole in the box.

As further proof that this is indeed an authentic Vermont Teddy Bear, you have to look very deeply into her eyes...
Yup, she was "Born in Vermont", which means she's the real deal!
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