Friday, May 22, 2009

Top Secret Mission

This Momma/Grammy Cow has accepted an invitation to be part of a very special event this summer and she's working her fingers, hooves and toenails to the bone getting ready with some top secret soapy creations. This top secret mission is for a wonderful cause that has me absolutely tickled pink! I will reveal this top secret mission and soapy creations real soon....In the meantime, I'm up for guesses as to what this top secret mission is about. If you think you know, leave a comment here on this post. On or after June 15, I will reveal this top secret mission and if YOU guess what it is (or a good close guess), I will let you enjoy a shopping spree in my shop! My dear blogger friend (and partner in crime) Lily aka Hot Lips is the only person who cannot guess ~ only because I shared with her a month or so ago about this top secret Lily ~ mum's the word (and no fair accepting bribes, either!), got it? LOL guys want clues? I've given enough clues already...just reread this post if you have to, it'll bite you in the nose!
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