Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mama Z of Two Zany Zebras

Mama Z of Two Zany Zebras always keeps me in stitches with the stories she shares on her blog of being a mother to two zany children. I laugh at her life experiences because my 3 children were monkeys when they were little, and pulled a lot of similar stunts over the years. And when she's on the brink of insanity, I can totally relate...been there! :)

Two Zany Zebras Shop "is home of the Zarkles. Wondering what in the world is a Zarkle? They are whimsical creatures that are part of the Zarkle family. Each Zarkle has their own unique name, personality, and Zany Pocket Blankie to sleep in. They can also be a comfort at night and help keep all the scary things at bay. Two Zany Zebras also specialize in the Zany Cuddle Blankie, Super Zany Blankie, and Zany Pocket Blankie."

Aren't they cute? Oh, you know you want one, so get over to the Zany shop and grab yours today!
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