Sunday, September 14, 2008

Minty Fresh

We've brought together Four (4) of our favorite Minty soaps in one fabulous Minty Fresh Gift Set. Perfect for the Mint lovers in your life! Each bar weighs no less than 4 ounces. The set is presented in a Gift Basket that we secure with shrink wrap for shipping.

Gardener's Friend ~ Created for those who have a love for digging in the dirt. The ground luffa is added for exfoliation. Delicate lettuce and rain combines with soft spearmint and is presented to you in a luxurious experience for gardener's everywhere. This is sure to be a hit with your gardening friends.

Lavender Mint ~ Elegance and charm are brought together into one luxury bar of soap for your bathing pleasure. Lavender combined with the refreshing experience of peppermint with hints of rosemary to top it off.

Doublemint ~ This is truly a delicate blend of Peppermint, Spearmint, Eucalpytus. Not overpowering, just perfectly blended to perfection. We've added ground luffa for exfoliation.

Cucumber Mint ~ This invigorating spa blend captures the essences of a cottage spring garden harvest just after a soft cool early morning rain. Crisp dewy garden fresh cucumbers, combine with sparkling sprigs of mint, full of tiny rain droplets reflecting the morning sun, while a soft whispering breeze brings the delicate scents of rain washed herbs to compliment the refreshing fusion of crisp watery green cucumber and cool mint. You'll feel "recharged" and invigorated by the scent of this *burst of fresh morning air* fragrance.

All of our soaps are superfatted, which means your skin will be thanking you for the extra pampering and love. You can pick up yours, here!
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