Monday, September 8, 2008

Etsyblogger of the Month ~ September 2008

The Fearless Leader of the Wild, the Wacky and sometimes unruly Etsybloggers ~ Joey & Aleethea ~ In her profile she states, "Whether your baby is a monster, a rocker, a jock, a tree-hugger, a military brat, a corporate coo-er, a diva, a retro radical, a cowboy or an indian, an artiste, a punk, a prince or princess, there's no doubt your baby is super cutesie! We've got super cutesie coolness...handmade by a mom." Apparently a lot of other folks agree, because according to the Etsy Wiki she is in the top sellers on Etsy! Woo Hoo ~ Rock on Joey! No Etsyblogger would be complete without a blog. You can check out her blog here. Congratulations, Joey, and thanks for making this group such an active and fun one to belong to.
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